At the end of the Board of Directors meeting on 6 February 2017, Bart Depourcq, President of the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC), announced the appointment of Pascal Prevost as new President of Promotion, succeeding Alain Blosseville.

” At a time when the CELC is changing its model with a strategy aimed at the end consumer, the arrival of Pascal Prévost to the Presidency of Promotion will contribute to the highlighting of the flax-growing profession in the customer experience. A customer who’s seeking traceability and authenticity, ” according to Bart Depourcq, President of the CELC.

Pascal Prevost” My previous experiences, such as participating in the creation of the Flax Field for the ULTRA LIN_ Place des Vosges 2016 exhibition, confirm the role that we flax producers have to play when it comes to sharing and transmitting knowledge and awareness with the general public. Unlike other fibres, linen is a textile with an immediate pleasure which has invented an emotion-focused marketing in its image; values that I pledge to defend. ” Pascal Prevost.

At 56, Pascal Prevost, a Norman farmer, has since 1990 been working the Araucaria farm in Rouge Perriers on the Neubourg plateau (27). A land where flax roots have grown deep for centuries, and where families can trace there own roots just as far. Vice-president of the Coopérative de Teillage de Lin du Plateau du Neubourg (CTLN) since 2004, he became President in January 2015. He has been President since January 2017 of the Union COMLIN which markets flax fibres from the scutching cooperatives Terre de Lin, Agy Lin and Teillage du Plateau du Neubourg.

Involved in the flax industry unions, Pascal Prevost has been Administrator of FESTAL, the French trade union of flax cooperatives, since 2004, where he was also President of the Commission Sociale Teillages from 2009 to 2015. Since 2011, he has continued to exercise his roles as President of the Conseil Professionnel et Commission Technique R&D LIN FIBRE, and as Administrator of ARVALIS – Institut du Végétal.

An engineer in agriculture at ESITPA (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieur et Technicien Pour l’Agriculture), he dedicated his dissertation at the end of his studies to soil cultivation (INRA, 1984)

About CELC

The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC) is the only European agro-industrial organisation bringing together and federating all stages in the production and transformation of flax and hemp. It is the specialised representative of European enterprises in 14 countries, overseeing the fibre from plant to finished product. Founded in 1951, the CELC is a source of pioneering thought, economic analysis, industry consultation and strategic direction.

With its “CELC DEVELOPPEMENT” promotional platform, the Confederation creates an environment favourable to the competitiveness of industrial enterprises. Its reach extends internationally by stimulating innovation and building on the values of natural fibres with established environmental qualities.

EUROPEAN FLAX®: The traceability guarantee label of premium-quality flax fibre’s cultivated in Europe. A natural fibre, produced according to environmentally respectful agricultural practices, without irrigation or GMO. Bureau Veritas certification.

MASTERS OF LINEN®: The guarantee of European linen traceability, from European Flax® fibre, through its transformation, yarn and fabric, 100% Made in Europe.

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