In 2017, La Redoute will be loving linen more than ever: the second largest retailer of women’s clothing and the third-largest retailer of linen in France is launching a singular initiative, echoing its new sustainability policy.

La RedouteThe Spring-Summer 2017 season sees the introduction of 19 ready-to-wear references in European linen knit, with 16 labelled Masters of Linen®.

Thierry Lebrun, Head of Sourcing for cut-and-sew knitwear for La Redoute, is delighted with this first. “A collection divided among men’s ready-to-wear, which counts one reference, with fifteen for women in the R-essential, R-Studio, Atelier R and Anne Weyburn collections. The styles are all 100% jersey, in two weights: 70g for women and 200g for our unique men’s style. There will be T-shirts with short and long sleeves, in dyed and printed yarn, with motifs, stripes… And very beautiful colors that come up particularly well on linen.”

On the website, a pop-up window will explain the product’s origins and the steps involved in its manufacture. The Masters of Linen® logo will also appear on the composition label. “We’re seeking to offer complete traceability. From fibre to finished product, the product is 100% European!” A direct link exists between the company and the fibre, as consequential in the present as in the past:

La Redoute, a heritage emblem from the North of France where flax is grown, is an empire created in 1836 by Joseph Pollet, originally a spinning company.

“Linen has always been present in our catalogue and it was important to us to participate in broadening its recognition, in promoting its standing: as fibres go it’s sustainable, local, trusted, boasting an inherent know-how.” explains Camille Caron, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Manager of the group.

“This operation is part of a strategy reinforcement implemented in April 2015, when we decided to undertake a proactive raw materials policy. This transformation is based on four cornerstones: people, the environment, the partner and the land. Our aim is to incorporate the origin and focus on a sustainable material. It is also a duty: the strong trust that La Redoute enjoys gives it an ambassadorial position. Bringing the message to consumers is our biggest challenge for 2017. Our role lies in changing mentalities!”

Thierry Lebrun adds: “This is a first step and we are also interested in European Flax®, the guarantee of a fibre of European origin, for our home linen. The flax fibre is also adaptable as a composite: so why not consider developing items of furniture from European flax? We are at the very beginning, and everything is possible!”

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