Dou Bochi

For thirty-five years, Eric Bergère drew with talent ephemeral collections. Today, he loves linen for Dou Bochi, a timeless and beautiful material in its simplicity.

Child of Champagne, Eric discovers Arles in the early 80’s, thanks to his friends Françoise and Christian Lacroix who gave him the keys of the Camargue in the south of France. Nature is wild, impetuous, raw and sophisticated, facing the sea and the beaches of the Rhone delta. An inspiration “for life” that brings him in 2009 to the acquisition of the farmhouse “Dou Bochi” (i.e: farmhouse “of the Fool” in Provençal), name he will also give his shop in Arles with a minimalist but precise color code: Chalk of the Crau Plain, black colored bull, blond and gray of the gardians’ horses. Here, craftsmanship of “beautiful workmanship” adjoins a timeless pieces wardrobe, dresses, trousers and tops in natural materials, veil of linen or printed “Indiennes” …cotton

European linen – made in France

Cut in European linen from a certified Masters of Linen weaver (a guarantee of 100% European traceability of the plant to the thread and the fabric), the clothes are then manufactured in France: at Plateau Fertile, a third place of creation and micro-manufacturing located in Roubaix, and Ateliers Français de Confection, in Marseille.

Dou Bochi : Simple. Intemporel. Unisexe.

Simple. Timeless. Unisex.

Transparency, fluidity, lightness, these are the keywords for DOU BOCHI … This unisex look strolls in a universe sculpted by Camargue’s rebellious nature. An out of fashion and out of time silhouette. “Each season we add some new models keeping a timeless shape,” says Bergère. “A quality that we can find in new colors knowing that it is a lifetime dress. Because the more you wash linen, the more beautiful it is. It is beautiful even worn, and why not remanded like a family sheet… Grand-children will recognize  their grandfather’s  djellaba which has not changed.

“The colors may be nicely spent … There is a great majority of blue, and we know how beautifully blue is faded over time”.

Eric Bergère

A desire also for easy clothes, which one puts by the head like a t-shirt … Not complicated, that one wash in machine, or by hand, which dries very quickly in the wind. Whether wrinkled or ironed, linen is always very beautiful. Worn on winter with a big sweater or a poncho, during summer with nothing: we can spend all year long in djellaba. Indoor or outdoor. The desire for true clothing, which goes in the direction of Recycling. A garment to be kept a long time, but which will be, if necessary, biodegradable at the end of life, without synthetic lining, without metal zip or resin button. To make it more feminine “concludes Bergère,” there are games of belt, drapes, wallet … To draw a silhouette a little sexier. Nothing more “.

DOU BOCHI – 16 rue Reattu – 13200 Arles  – France

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