Thuasne Tested for you : Venoflex Fast® Lin by Thuasne

This morning, for a good start, I put my best shoes on … and my feet turned cold … By chance, I found a pair of Venoflex Fast® Lin socks.

In a quasi instantaneous way, after having slipped the socks, I felt the heat flow in my feet thanks to the stimulation of the blood circulation … I do not leave them anymore!

The Venoflex Fast® Lin socks give a maximum comfort and an excellent hold on the skin, without backs, without effect withers at the calf, without seam in tip of foot.

 The lin / modal association brings a soft touch and great flexibility! They are thermoregulatory, breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. All the qualities of linen!

And of course simple care and machine washable.

A product branded EUROPEAN FLAX®, the qualitative visa of the European fiber of premium quality all outlets.

more info : Venoflex Fast® Lin de Thuasne


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