The Linen Community with its men and women – so many skills lovingly federated around a very European fiber : LINEN. Who are these LINEN experts, often unknown to the general public ? How do they spend their days ? This series of portraits lifts the veil on some mysteries and, we hope, will inspire interest in joining their ranks.

MDToday Marie Demaegdt, the « trendperson » at the European Flax and Hemp Confederation.

It isn’t easy to talk about yourself, I feel a bit « me, myself and I » when I do … (P.S. Do you know this expression originated as the title of a song sung, notably, by Billie Holiday ?) Well, I’ll begin …

… with a quick flashback to my arrival at the CELC in August 2001, after marketing studies at EDHEC and two style office experiences. Why linen ? It is a material I have always loved, no doubt influenced by my sensitivity to sustainable development and my Normandy and Flemish origins ! 8 years later, the passion is still intact and my discoveries through the people I meet and my conviction of doing something very real takes me to new horizons everyday …

9 :20 A.M. I arrive by bus at the CELC (this morning it’s raining, so much for the Vélib’ !) after having dropped off Léonore, 5 years old, at school.

9 :25 A.M. I check the blog ; I must remember, tomorrow I post my « bath and spa » subject. You’ll be able to read it HERE

Linen Dream Lab archives9 :30 A.M. meeting with 2 teachers from Parsons School Paris who come to choose yarns and fabrics for the textile and fashion projects of their classes. I’ve already received a group of 2nd year students who came to choose linens for their « corset » project. I can’t wait to see their creations !

9 :50 A.M. while they explore the tens, even the hundreds of fabrics in the Linen Dream Lab archives, I go up to the 4th floor to send a few urgent e-mails and make some phone calls. Super ! I have quite a few answers from spinners about a fabric creation project with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. Thank you Iafil, Jos Vanneste, Toscano, Hungaro-Len ! And thank you to Stanislas Cock who just sent yarn for the knit lanterns of Luce dal Lino, this will be a first !

10 :05 A.M. I call Ornella about our Body Language trend poster (Ornella Bignami of Elementi Moda deciphers future trends with the CELC). She has again deployed her negotiating talents (alongside her creative gifts !) to obtain the rights for images which will offer many sources of inspiration for industry members and specifyers …

10 :15 A.M. debriefing with Parsons. The teachers were very inspired, but it was important to set a maximum fabric limit to be fair to others, though it can be frustrating …

body language fabricsThe rest of the morning continues at a steady rhythm. An update with our freelance fabric designers Daniele Aliverti and Daniel Henry on finalizing the prototype Body Language collection and launching the next Men’s collection. A few e-mails to spinners and knitters, some adjustments to fabric finishings ; we’re heading in the right direction !

2 :00 P.M. rereading of the newsletter with the communication team and a big thank you, in passing, to Manuela Marchegiano for the information about Immagine Italia and Milano Unica !

We then go over the images and page layout for the Body Language trend book ; take a moment to re-shoot a fabric and then I give it to the graphic designers who will redo the art work.

Linen Dream Lab meeting3 :30 – 4 :45 P.M. I join with Audrey who is meeting a designer (his project is still top secret !) at the Linen Dream Lab to answer his technical fabric questions and orient him towards those of our members who will make the best « match » for his project.

5 :30 P.M. I go over requests from a journalist with our press agent at Cosi Communication. I call back a few members for an « innovation watch », this way the information for tomorrow’s interview will really be up-to-date !

At the end of the afternoon, I answer requests for information and sourcing (a California architectural office needs curtain fabric, a young Norwegian company is looking for fabric that can be quilted) when I receive a confirmation from a new member : welcome to the Spanish weaver Aznar Textil !

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