We no longer present the Designerbox, this lustful object providing a monthly design shot if you subscribe to the concept. The contents of the wooden box are jealously guarded until its exit to preserve the effect of surprise. The biggest names in design have lent themselves to the game and many are today collectors of these everyday objects with extra soul. A list that borders on the name-dropping, to be discovered here.


Already the 50th edition! To mark this special edition, it is precisely thanks to our entire LINEN chain, from the cultivator to the weaver, that DesignerBox teams finally venture into the world of home textiles. An eco-responsible project, intelligent, 100% European, carried by Serge Bensimon, fashion designer and recognized entrepreneur but also passionate about design and this wonderful and noble material that is LINEN.

Life is made up of reencounters… and of patience.



The Desigerbox team explains the project : “It was almost four years ago when we spoke to Serge Bensimon about collaborating, but we never got round to finding the ideal terrain for expression. We knew the man, with his great regard for materials, and especially linen, used with great talent in his collections, from his eponymous footwear to his household lines.
It was precisely the chance provided by the best European manufacturers of linen (Masters Of Linen) that enabled us to finally define this common adventure.”




One tour of Europe later, after combing the catalogues of what is done best on planet Linen, Serge Bensimon delivered, for Designerbox, a series of top-range cushions embroidered with golden stripes as chic and soft companions for your armchair or sofa. as chic and soft companions for your armchair or sofa.

Big up to all the Masters of Linen© certified weavers   : Deltracon, Lemaitre Demeestere, Libeco-Lagae, Nelen & Delbeke, Sironi. MASTERS OF LINEN® is a registered mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in EUROPE, from field to yarn to fabric. A benchmark for both the trade and the consumer.

This limited edition gift box includes a 2-sided linen cushion, a dedicated newspaper and a Deauville poster.

Not a subscriber yet? Do not panic ! The box is available online through this link. The occasion also for the aficionados to complete their sending of the month with other cushions and other colors.

The Designerbox 50 by Serge Bensimon is available in 19 colors. Leave a comment to tell us which one is your favorite!


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