Linen Lux 2016 LINEN LUX 2016, 140 lanterns, XXL size, all in linen… in Paris right and left banks from 21 to 25 January.

Les Linen Mux 2015 - Lin européen premiumMany thanks to the 85 furnishing textiles editors who selected their linens, and to the European spinners and weavers, gathered in Club MASTERS OF LINEN(R) who initiate the lanterns,in partnership with Paris Deco Off.

Les Linen Lux 2016 by Masters of linen Linen Lux 2016

Special thanks for MARTINELLI GINETTO, Italian weaver and printer, for the 4 lanterns stamped  We are Linen Addicts the Facebook group of linen lovers ! Thanks for these digital prints on linen, on a 3m width…

After an original concept by Theresa SAPEY, for LUCE DAL LINO via Montenapoleone, Milano, 2009 and 2010.

Who are the Masters of Linen ? Find out about certified European spinners and weavers, with Linen traceability 100% MADE IN EUROPE from field to yarn to fabric:

About Martinelli Ginetto:

Photos : © Patrick Sagnes / CELC


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