Thermoregulator, warm in winter, cool in summer, flax absorbs 20% of its weight in water. These intrinsic qualities are focus point for 4 lifestyle brands, specialized in linen. To use these extraordinary properties of our European fiber, they launch this year fashion collections or lines of RTW for the Spa or the bathroom.

Lapuan Kankurit

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This Finnish brand, specialist in high quality weaving and known for its home world around the room, the table and – Finland requires – sauna accessories, opens its universe to children. Bathtub honeycomb in 100% European linen, certified Masters of Linen ©. Perfect for youngest skins.

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Well known for its temperature regulating qualities, linen has long been appreciated by those looking for comfortable and stylish clothes. LINEN ME’s clothing line will keep you cool in the summer while absorbing moisture, leaving you fresh, chic and ready for anything. The collection is carefully designed so that these clothes become your basics, both beautiful, versatile, and resistant to fashion. Your polo dress from the summer of 2018  is here:





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Elected brand Green Wire 2018 at Maison and Objet, Sanelin continues to enchant us with 100% linen house collections. This year’s colors range from natural linen to iron gray for highly absorbent honeycomb bathrobes. A ride on their e-concept-store 100% linen to convince you?








Studio Natural

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The high quality linen fabrics of “Studio Natural” are woven on ancient looms, and only handmade in Latvia. In the past, these looms were found in every home. “We use these traditional Latvian techniques of weaving while combining them with modern design.The natural fiber of linen ensures an ecologically sound environment in our home and allows our body to breathe freely”.






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