Textile innovations at Milano Unica and Premiere Vision: colour effect LINENS are key in the collections. Technical dyeing enhance textures ; slubs are emphasized in contrasted linen-silk blends. Marled and printed yarns spice up classic masculine wovens or jersey knits. Blurred checks renew shirtings. Finishes highlight subtle shades through chintz or washable color coatings.

 Color effect 100%linen ALBINI Color effect 100%linen KLASIKINE

100%Linen, special dye, ALBINI  www.albinigroup.com        –        100%Linen KLASIKINE   www.klasikine.eu

Colour effect Linen-cotton Summer 4 COTONIFICIO ALBINI Color effect TESSITURA MONTI

Linen-cotton Summer 4 COT. ALBINI  www.albinigroup.com        –   100%Linen Hollywood 755 TESS. MONTI www.monti.it

Color effect 100%Linen Delave Resin LINOPERSEMPRE Color effect 100%LInen 6019 chintz LIBECO

100%Linen Delave Resin LINOPERSEMPRE  www.linopersempre.nl   –    100%Linen 6019 chintz LIBECO  www.libeco.com

Color effect yarn Linen-silk Shantung39 LINIFICIO Color effect Linen-Silk COTONIFICIO ALBINI

Linen-silk Shantung39 LINIFICIO   www.linificio.it              –    Linen-Silk COTONIFICIO ALBINI  www.albinigroup.com

Colour effect printed yarn jersey Viscose-Linen JL125 NGS MALHAS Color effect Linen-cotton Sunshine2 ALBIATE

Printed yarn jersey Viscose-Linen JL125 NGS MALHAS     –       Linen-cotton Sunshine2 ALBIATE www.albinigroup.com


Color effect 100%Linen Casimir SOLBIATI Color effect 100%Linen LINEN CLUB by ADITYA BIRLA

100%Linen Casimir SOLBIATI  www.solbiati.it                –             100%Linen LINEN CLUB by ADITYA BIRLA   www.jayashree-abnl.com

Colour effect yarn 100%Linen LINIFICIO

yarn 100%Linen LINIFICIO  www.linificio.it

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