Textile innovations at Milano Unica and Premiere Vision: contrast & relief LINENS come to the fore ; cut-yarn or floating-yarn in bright bicolor or tricolor ; geometric Jacquards in XXL patterns or in volumes and doubles ; graphic raised and embroidered effects on wovens and knits ; plays with textures thanks to cosy roving yarns or embossing effect on linen-silk…

Contrast & relief Linen-Cotton Sahara coupe COT ALBINI Contrast & relief fil flotte 100%Linen 551238 SEIDRA

Linen-Cotton Sahara coupe COT ALBINI  www.albinigroup.com     – fil flotte 100%Linen 551238 SEIDRA www.seidra.com

Contrast & relief double weave 'pocket effect' JOHN ENGLAND Contrast & relief micro-float Cotton-Linen Montego Bay MONTI

Double ‘pocket’ weave JOHN ENGLAND   www.johnengland.com  –  micro-float Cotton-Linen Montego Bay MONTI  www.monti.it

Contrast & relief embroidery-effect knit 100%Linen 1155 J A LIMA Contrast & relief Roving yarn for flat knitting 100%Linen SAFILIN

embroidery-effect knit 100%Linen 1155 J A LIMA www.jalimamalhas.com – Roving yarn for flat knitting 100%Linen SAFILIN  www.safilin.com

Contrast & relief Linen-Silk KLASIKINE Contrast & relief Linen-Cotton 1402p1 KLASIKINE

Linen-Silk embossed effect KLASIKINE www.klasikine.eu  –  Linen-Cotton 1402p1 KLASIKINE  www.klasikine.eu

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