diptyqueLinen, a graphic and historic treasure

Long before diptyque’s fame grew surrounding its scented candles and rare essences, the Boulevard Saint Germain store showcased upholstery fabric designed by the three founders themselves. These fabric archives, which constitute a graphic and historic treasure trove, have constantly served to inspire the brand. Today, as part of the Collection 34, diptyque is rekindling the flame with its legendary expertise by offering three novel items made with innovative prints: a pouch, a tote and a pillow cover.

Long before working on the patterns, the company focused on finding the finest linen, this historic fabric with inimitable durability and feel. The pursuit led to western Flanders, the village of Meulebeke, where the search ended at Libeco, a family business founded in 1858. Five generations of expert linen makers have been selling their impeccable weaves to connoisseurs in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


“When we met with diptyque, we were particularly touched by their love of beautiful fabrics, the roots of their brand history. They immediately understood why we strive for perfection.” Jimmy Peirs, Libeco.


Diptyque : The brand legacy

Drawing her inspiration from the diptyque legacy, the prints made by the illustrator Charlotte Gastaut are contemporary interpretations of the brand’s original designs. Moved by the Légende, Prétorien and Paladin motifs, Charlotte freely developed new color plays and subtle pairings of abstract shapes.

“Working on fabric and patterns has always been an essential aspect of my career. It was very moving to draw this connection between my world and that of a brand with which I grew up.” Charlotte Gastaut, illustrator.


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