As it does every year, from March 21st to July 5th the Plateau de Caux Maritime pulses Au Fil du Lin. The Alliance et Culture association is coordinating a series of events in connection with this emblematic plant from a region that grows 65% of the world’s flax.
Items on the programme include a visit to the cooperative and the scutcher Terre de LIN (information: +33 (0)2 35 57 25 20), the flax ecomuseum at La Ferme Au Fil des Saisons, (Hameau de Yémanville), and Carrefour du Lin (20 displays presenting the flax industry and the multiple uses of this natural fibre). Information: +33 (0)2 35 57 25 20 –
 15 June – Rallye Bleu – 12th Route du LIN: A 30km-long bike ride through flowering flax fields to Hondschoote
Discover the natural and built heritage of Flanders (windmills, cottages) on your bicycle, by way of the cultivation of flax, with Flemish games and local products, ponds and hawthorn hedges. A seed selector, flax growers, scutchers and boutiques can be found centered around the town of Hondschoote: the focal point for a dynamic and innovative industry perpetuating its savoir-faire. On the route, the Grenier du Lin (Hondschoote) and the Boutique du Lin (Quaëdypre) offer clothing, home textiles and linen accessories.
 19-21 June – Lin en Fête – Doudeville
The flax capital is celebrating the 20th edition of its annual festival. On the programme, a 100% Linen artisanal exhibition (over 750m2 – textile, decorative, industrial flax, and flax-based gastronomy), a fashion show, visits to the flax ecomuseum with a flax grower, discovering old methods of weaving, exhibitions and a conference at the Carrefour du Lin. And, of course, concerts, activities and cuisine.
24-25 June – Culturales d’Arvalis – Villers-Saint-Christophe (Aisne)
200 exhibitors will present the primary advances in agricultural technology, with an exhibition and conferences
From 3-5 July – Festival du Lin et de l’Aiguille – Vallée du Dun
This event, which has now become international, is organized around 10 municipalities in the Dun valley and the surrounding area. An exhibition of traditional and contemporary textile art, fashion shows, a factory visit, a stroll through a flax field, linen textile fair (80 exhibitors) and activities workshops. Flax gets examined from all angles!
 4 July – 29 August – the Linière du Nord de Caen is 50 !
To mark its 50th anniversary, the Coopérative Linière du Nord de Caen is opening its doors for an exhibition titled “L’histoire du lin d’hier, d’aujourd’hui et de demain” / “The Story of Flax: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”
Free entry + Public photography competition
Fro’ Monday to Saturday – open all afternoon.
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