Under the aegis of the Compagnons du Devoir, supported by the Fondation J.M.WESTON, the DEFI INNOVER ENSEMBLE #6 chose flax as an opportunity to develop a production model that would be as ethical as the material itself. Whether woven, printed, felted or composite, flexible or rigid, flax is regarded as an alternative material and food for thought when it comes to the subject of sustainable development. Having provided the opportunity to promote an exchange between craft, design and market requirements, this interdisciplinary project, running from March to July 2016, brought together three teams: 2 young artisans specialising in shoemaking, leather working, saddle making and upholstery from the Compagnon du Devoir et du Tour de France, 2 students of industrial design and textile design from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle – ENSCI, along with 2 design management students from the Institut Français de la Mode – IFM.



Archipels : A range of contemporary flooring for indoors

Linen tiles with acoustic insulation and humidity control features for a healthier habitat. Four types of tiles [rigid, flexible, soft and massaging] whose combination of textures and volumes meets the demanding requirements of domestic comfort.

Installation doesn’t necessitate glue or chemical adhesives, and the European manufactured bio-based products are suitable for all zones: bathroom and kitchen, living room and high-use areas.

Les Compagnons du Devoir : Anaïs Gonnachon, Tapissier et Julien Daems Sellier.

IFM : Rose Batifol, Management de la création et Chloé Leahy-Beauvois, Management de la création

ENSCI : Axelle Gisserot, Design Textile et Hugo Poirier, Création Industrielle.

Défi Innover ensemble 6

INL : The travel trunk revisited

This modular trunk is comprised of compartments for shoes, towels (including wet), clothing, accessories, even a suit hanger. The availability of modules in various dimensions and colors means one luggage can be personalised. Storage that is synonymous with mobility, even at home: when not travelling, each module finds its place in the house. Light, hardwearing and recyclable, the trunk’s composite material boasts a polypropylene matrix with low environmental impact and a biaxial linen techno fabric.

Les Compagnons du Devoir : Camille Taupin, Maroquinier, Maroussia Baro, tapissier.

IFM : Marion Foy, Management de la création et Hélène Rose Kinsey-Grumbach, Management de la création

ENSCI : Camille Bastien, Textile Design et Eric Dugast, Industrial Creation.

JOEY : An adaptive baby carrier

With intentionally contrasting colours and a double-weave linen canvas with turned stitching for added strength, this baby carrier’s technical nature draws inspiration directly from the world of sports. Its role in the parent-child relationship allows it to provide adaptable practical solutions (from a foetal-position sling to a more traditional back carrier), but its life cycle is further extended by its flexibility of use: it can become a satchel, a cover and even a backpack. Les Compagnons du Devoir : Mathilde Napieracz, Cordonnier- Bottier et Camille Aboulfath, Maroquinier.

IFM : Corinne Van Den Brande, Management de la création et Jean-Baptiste Chot- Plassot, Management de la création.

ENSCI : Florine Fagniot, Textile Design & Marie Marcombe, Création Industrielle.

Paris Design Week – Now ! le Off – La Cité de la Mode et du Design – Paris –  September 3 -10th  2016

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