European Linen@Out of Fashion

Last Saturday took place at  Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré the third module of Out of Fashion, the education program about sustainable and conscious fashion proposed by Connecting Cultures. The masterclass ETHICALLY MADE? dealt with topics like short production chain, traceability, certification and ethical values. During the seminar Ornella Bignami introduced the European Linen to the students. She presented them the green fiber of the future, distinguished by its environmental benefits and its ethical values. This unique European plant textile fibre is a product of environment-friendly local agriculture, it requires neither irrigation or defoliant, and stores carbon. Throughout its production, linen has an exemplary environmental profile and its qualities are now making it the spokesman of an eco-responsible culture, the perfect answer for the new consumers! Thanks to its values the european linen attracted the students that payed serious attention to the lesson and examined with care textile samples, yarns and the last technical developments.

European Linen@Out of Fashion European Linen@Out of Fashion


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