Bcomp news : high performance Flax renewable fibres for motorsports

Bcomp news : High performance renewable fibres vs. standard carbon fiber layup for motorsports:  • Maintained performance at lower weight, or increased stiffness at maintained weight  • Safer crash behaviour without sharp shattering, and increased vibration damping  • Up to 30% cost savings  • Lower eco footprint – more sustainable material, less material, and used …  Lire la suite  

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Flax and hemp fibers as reinforcement in composite : innovation and sustainibility

Flax & hemp fibers as reinforcement in composite The two strategic issues: innovation and sustainable development “As renewable European resources, natural flax and hemp fibers have become the champions of a bioeconomy in which their exclusive, reliable mechanical performance properties are more than ever in harmony with sustainable innovation. In only a decade, the flax …  Lire la suite