Designing an aesthetic with delicate, sensual and aerial elegance, Christophe Josse invents a subtle, dynamic and neoclassical contemporary style. The studied simplicity, the work of garment segmentation, the ribs like a framework, the spiked pleats, the contrasts of matter define his style: an ultra feminine and romantic allure.


The Spring-Summer Couture Collection Christophe Josse

A pastoral ode to the birth of a world of diaphanous lightness, with exquisite aurora, that shepherds with long bure capes, roam away from obscure din, in their bright and serene fields .

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Christophe Josse invites us to a dreamlike journey in a fantasy contemporary Arcadia where mingle and meet in a sure harmony, the lace of the peasants of Dorset by Thomas Hardy, the taffeta made of honeycombs, the woven linen in contrasting tones. amber and wheat, the embroidered motifs of Central Europe, the Middle Atlas or those of Peru, the diffuse brilliance of washed leather satins.

He advocates the purity, fluidity contained, the impromptu mixture of materials, plays with their contrasts and under the caress of the line, trace the furrow, the right measure of the beauty that goes.

Wheat, rye, pearled barley, sand, umber; Nature offers a wide range of matte blondes, dull browns, and chalky whites.

Fabrics with an ample architecture juxtapose each other, answering each other in clever matches, fringed, ribbed, festooned, gold laced, streaked with glycerine feathers, punctuated by a glittering star throw.

The brilliancy of the gold-lustrous blown glass with its soft bronze reflections adorned with string sneakers, responds to the iridescent shimmer of fibulae set with mother-of-pearl.

Christophe Josse


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