From 7th to 13th of May 2018, the retail promotional campaign AMO IL LINO 2018 is again protagonist in the most representative brands of the Italian market of fashion and home textile. The boutiques involved in this initiative:

120% Lino – Asnaghi Tessuti – Bellora – C&C Milano – CA’ Albrizzi – Camiceria di Como – Camiceria Clerici – Camilla Factory Store – Canetta-Mani di Fata® – Cascina Cuccagna-La Fioreria – Eligo – Etel Milano – Faliero Sarti – Freitag Milano – Frugone Cashmere – Giorgio Grati – Larusmiani – Luca Livi su misura dal 1961 – My Style Bags – Max Mara – New Tess– Clerici Tessuti – Punti e Fantasia – Scaglione – Solo Puro – Telerie Effe.Gi.Bi – Telerie Spadari.

A wide linen offer proposed from these brands with the passion for this fibre: green, innovative and versatile. AMO IL LINO is promoting once more the outstanding qualities of this fibre and it leads the consumer towards a conscious choice of purchase. The linen offer can be found on the store locator:


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