AMO IL LINO – MASTERS OF LINEN® – We are pleased to introduce Italian spinners and weavers certified by MASTERS OF LINEN®, guarantee of European linen traceability, from European Flax® fibre, to processing, yarn and fabric 100 % Made in Europe.


 AMO IL LINO – Masters of Linen® : Italian spinners

Spinning involves various operations, transforming fibres into yarn.

During preparation, ribbons of combed flax are mixed together, blending several batches of fibres originating from different fields, regions and years. This unique expertise, comparable to the methods used for champagne and cognac, allows the qualities of each batch to be combined, for high quality and consistency over time. The European spinning industry handles fibres with care, refining them exclusively by mechanical process in order to preserve their structure and qualities. Mixed together, equalised and stretched out, the slivers become roving before being spun.

The spinning techniques vary depending on the type of yarn that is being produced:

— Fine yarns destined for clothing, home linens, etc., are obtained through “wet” spinning,

— More rustic and thicker yarns, for decoration, rope, etc., are produced by “dry” spinning.

Thanks to the innovations of the European industries, linen can also be knitted in various ways: knit fabric or “jersey” is knitted on circular machines, then cut-and-sew assembled ; knitwear is produced on flatbed knitting machines in set forms, ready to be assembled, or in 3D without seams.

Renowned for its remarkable dyeing capabilities, linen opens up to an infinite spectrum of colours. European mills favour low environmental impact dyes and comply with the strictest environmental regulations.


From left to right : / /


AMO IL LINO – Masters of Linen®: Italian Weavers

By combining the multitude of opportunities inherent in the processes of weaving and knitting yarns, a broad diversity of textiles for use in fashion, decoration and homewares can be created – from fine second-skin jersey to heavy upholstery fabric.

The crisscrossing of warp and weft yarns creates the fabric’s pattern and texture. The exceptionally broad range of possibilities enable linen to free itself from the vagaries of trends and to develop a multiplicity of creative and innovative fabrics : twills (like denim), herringbone,  sophisticated satins and crêpes; damasks and jacquards, etc.

From left to right : Graziano / Sotema

Albini 1876 / Solo Puro Lino

Sironi / Martinelli Ginetto

Rivolta Carmignani

From May 4th to 11th , European Linen shows off  VIA MONTENAPOLEONE in MILANO

AMO IL LINO – An event geared towards the general public, halfway between an artistic installation and an educational exhibition, devised by the designer Philippe Nigro. The exhibition will present the different stages of flax transformation, a complex and perfectly controlled process from plant to yarn to fabric, finishing with a display of everyday objects. The concept: utilising the raw materials and finished products, exploiting their quantity and repetition to draw attention to the beauty of flax.

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