Amo il linoAMO IL LINO – An event geared towards the general public, halfway between an artistic installation and aneducational exhibition, devised by the designer Philippe Nigro. The exhibition will present the different stages of flax transformation, a complex and perfectly controlled process from plant to yarn to fabric, finishing with a display of everyday objects. The concept: utilising the raw materials and finished products, exploiting their quantity and repetition to draw attention to the beauty of flax. From May 4th to 11th, via Montenapoleone, Milan.


AMO IL LINO – An event hosted by Montenapoleone District.

The interest at street level will be further amplified by a spectacular graphic statement from the designer Philippe Nigro. At over 5 metres in height, the Via Montenapoleone will be decked out in linen colours and highlight the excellence and innovation of Italian industries, spinners and weavers, featuring an unprecedented installation made up of over 1500 metres of linen textiles.

Amo il lino

Philippe Nigro: “Flax, in my opinion, is a material that should speak for itself and not pretend to be something else.”

“Flax as a European product? Yes, we have to encourage local production; it is a sector experiencing a real renaissance right now, and this is something of which we can be proud ; and more than a fad, it marks a return to the essentials and needs to be encouraged.

For me flax has a very exciting hyper technical side. Flax & linen bring the reassurance of proven durability – for the planet and in the closet. Flax fibre has become an identifiable reference, a spearhead synonymous with quality products, and a reaction to what is apparently inevitable disposability. It has become essential when using materials, as a designer, not to lie, not to cheat. Producing in a fair and correct way, envisioning recycling along with respecting the material and the environment: it’s for now, and it’s for tomorrow”.

Philippe Nigro talks about Flax : Interview March 2016

AMO IL LINO : Une installation qui met à l’honneur les aspirations clefs du consommateur d’aujourd’hui

Local, Authentic, Truthworthy, Traceable, Ethical*.  An enduring marker of slow fashion and ecodesign in all its markets – fashion, home, lifestyle and composites (high-performance technical textiles for sectors including sport & leisure, design, construction and more) – flax/linen has established itself with an audience of engaged consumers in a world in transition: a multipurpose material and force of nature in a no nonsense economy.

As a reference to the natural origins of this durable, ecological and sustainable fibre, 60,000 packets of flaxseeds for sowing will be given away to visitors to the exhibition: the opportunity to green their own balconies, their terraces, their window boxes. Linen comes from a plant!

The three-year promotional plan is a sales leverage tool for European linen, jointly financed by the EU and the flax/linen industry (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp – CELC), represents an exceptional commitment: a core programme, rolling out in France – ULTRA LIN (2015-16), in Italy – AMO IL LINO (2016-17), and in the United Kingdom – I LOVE LINEN (2017-18).

*LATTE Values [Local, Authentic, Trustworthy, Traceable, Ethical]

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