Alfa Romeo Giulia


A car ten kilos lighter means a gramme less of CO2 per kilometre. An effort in weight reduction that embraces the utilisation of new materials, in the field of composites in particular.

Composites: a CO2-countering asset

Faurecia is working to make composite materials more affordable. By expanding their use, the company is playing a major role in vehicle weight reduction. The overall weight of a car is in fact the second-largest factor influencing engine emissions: 10kg less corresponds to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1g/km. To encourage wider use of composites, Faurecia is working to reduce the time and cost occasioned by their production, while increasing the strength and comfort of the pieces to which these changes have been implemented.

To illustrate, for over twenty-five years, Faurecia has been collaborating with the compound manufacturer APM – Planet (Automotive Performance Material) on biomaterials in the plastic parts provided to car makers.



Alfa Romeo Giulia Nafilean

Among the latest innovations are plastics with a 20% hemp fibre and polypropylene base developed for automobile structural injection. Given the name NAFILean, this new plastic is already being used in the Peugeot 308 series and the new Alfa Romeo Giulia.


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